General Information

General Information – Links to all necessary documents are below. (Will be available soon)

Registration: The cost for each participant will be $25.00 per day. A deposit of $50.00 per person is due 60 days prior to arrival date. This deposit is non-refundable.
The Group Leaders are responsible for reading and adhering to the Guidelines for Mission Participation on the next page concerning reservations, fees, deadlines, minimum numbers, etc. Each Mission Team Member is required to read the Rules and Regulations, sign the Mission Participant Application Form and keep on file a Medical Release Form.
Participants will not be allowed to stay if forms are not complete.

Arrival Times: Groups need to arrive in the afternoon-before 5 pm. After your group has unpacked and had dinner, an orientation session will be held to go over the schedule and answer questions. Participant Application and Medical Forms will be checked at this time.

Your group should be broken down into small teams with an adult leader to help with chores. Daily chores will consist of breakfast duty, lunch duty, dinner duty, bathroom duty, trash duty, and cooler duty. Trash bags and cleaning supplies will be provided. Host facility should be cleaned after each meal and throughout the day.
A thorough cleaning following the Cleaning Checklist must be done before you depart.

The kitchen will be equipped with the following: pots, pans, dishes, silverware, coffeepot, cooking utensils, dish towels, hot pads, refrigerator, freezer. Your kitchen will not be equipped with paper towels, napkins, foil, plastic wrap, sandwich bags, ice, and salt & pepper. You should also bring coolers for drinks and lunch provisions. Since you are responsible for preparing your own meals, don’t forget to bring your favorite cooking pan, toaster, or griddle if you need them. You may also want to bring paper plates/cups, plastic utensils. We recommend bringing water from home for drinking and cooking.

Food: Each group is responsible for providing and preparing their own food and cleanup after each meal. All food and drink need to be kept in the eating areas of the facility. Drinks and snacks are not allowed in the sleeping areas. You will need to bring lunch provisions that can be transported if your group is touring or working away from the Mission Center.

Housing will be in the Hands of Hope Mission Center or Outreach Center in Iaeger. Please remind each participant that because we are ministering by example, that we need to always remember to display unconditional Godly love to each other at all times. An adult leader needs to be with Youth participants at all times. Youth group sleeping quarters must be separated by male and female and supervised by adults at all times. Adult groups may choose arrangements of sleeping quarters. Participants will be sleeping on bunk beds. You will need sleeping bags, pillows, and towels.

Work Sites:
You will need to bring water or drinks for the needs of each member for each day. If you are a work group, please allow for plenty of water to drink during the day. We recommend you do not drink the water at the sites, so plan to bring plenty of bottled water. You can take lunch with you when you leave each morning. A typical schedule requires that work groups be ready to leave the host facility by 8:30 each morning and leave the work sites at 4:00 pm.

Team Sizes: Groups could possibly be broken down into small teams of 4-5 participants. An adult leader should supervise each team at all times. Each team should have a First Aid Kit available and be aware where the closest medical facilities are located in case of an emergency.
Medical Forms need to remain with the adult team leader for that particular participant.