Partnerships with Hands of Hope

A group of youth volunteers from Varnell United Methodist Church in Georgia has served for eight years at Hands of Hope Ministries during the summer.
When someone builds a partnership, not unlike in a marriage, it develops a trusting relationship where you know that person will be there for you through thick and thin, will support you, cry with you, pray with you, and work hard with you. As Christians we hold a common thread, a common relationship, because we have a fellowship and share with each other our partnership in Christ. His work is our work. And we have mutual objectives to give glory in the name of Jesus Christ.


“It is this which we have seen and heard that we declare to you also, in order that you may share with us in a common life, that life which we share with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.” – 1 John 1:3
EastMinster Presbyterian Church, Marietta, Georgia, is a partner with Hands of Hope Ministries. This group sends a mission team and also supports Hands of Hope whenever there is a urgent need for the organization.

Hands of Hope Welch Ministries has developed long-lasting partnerships with churches throughout the country, and these congregations have continued to serve Hands of Hope Ministries and the people of McDowell County throughout its existence for the past 20 years. These partners are located in Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska, Virginia, West Virginia and Michigan.

When a partnership is established with Hands of Hope, it develops a commitment to identify what the immediate needs are for the community of Welch and McDowell County on a regular basis, as well as sending a mission team once or twice a year, or encouraging individuals to spend their personal vacation or retirement time working at Hands of Hope facilities.

Partnerships can be any group within a congregation: A youth group, a women’s or men’s group, a mission group, a group of ministers, or a group of passionate individuals who gather to serve with church members or who may not even belong to a particular church.

Members of the Mt. Bethel UMC, Marietta, Ga. help assemble the bags for the Thanksgiving Blessing with Hands of Hope Ministries. All ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal are in the bag. The receipts also receive a turkey as well.

Many partnerships have fundraisers for Hands of Hope Ministries within their congregations, have donation campaigns and donation placement containers that are distributed in their church for easy collection to be shipped to Hands of Hope.

As partnerships develop in a common area or state, a collection depot is established, like in Canton, Ga., where churches in northern Georgia can bring their donations to a common site where a tracker trailer is available to load up their donations to be shipped to the Hands of Hope facilities. Another trailer is on the grounds of a Hands of Hope Ministries board member’s property and it travels back and forth from Mississippi to West Virginia frequently with donations.

Of course, partnerships are essential to the day-to-day operations of Hands of Hope Ministries. With their financial commitment comes the sustainability to maintain the business side of the nonprofit and meet ongoing goals to serve the community.

If your church is interested in forming a partnership or maybe planning a mission trip to Hands of Hope Ministries, contact Executive Director Crystal Green at for more information or talk to one of our Hands of Hope Ministries Board Members.