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Hands of Hope Newsletter
June 2015

“Make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one mind and one purpose.”             Philippians 2:2


One Mind, One Purpose

Think about all the steps that go into building a house. Could you do it all by yourself? Maybe so, but it sure would take a lot longer than if you worked with teams of carpenters, roofers, painters, and more. Just as in building a house, in ministry we get more done when we work together. Whether it is building with hammer and nails or building relationships with love, it is our mission to work together with one mind, one purpose – to serve God. It is an awesome thing to see mission teams come and share all of the blessings as they work together. Thank you to all that have joined us this spring and for all your hard work – painting, repairing steps, leading Ladies Night Out, delivering lunches, constructing furniture, sorting clothes, unloading trailers, repairing porches, sharing God’s love…

Mt. Bethel UMC – Eastminster Presbyterian

South Roanoke UMC – Great Bridge UMC


Tis The Season

Tis the season – the summer season. Things are getting busy in WV. We are so thankful for Crystal Green and the great job she is doing. Crystal would like to say thank you to everyone for their cooperation and support. Crystal has coordinated team reservations and work projects for all the teams. Crystal is also organizing the Ladies Night Out meetings that restarted in March with 40-50 ladies at each meeting. Meetings have moved to Trinity Temple or First Church of the Nazarene and we sincerely thank these church members for their welcome and support.

Please remember to send in your application if you would like to reserve a time to bring a work team Several new mission teams have called about joining us this year. The calendar is online at www.hohm.org.

The Hope Chest

It has been a busy spring at The Hope Chest. Loads of furniture, rugs, clothing, and household items have filled up the store. As we continue to get new customers, we are able to share our mission to more and more. If you hang around the store a while, you will see hugs, hear prayers and make new friends. The store is an outlet for announcing and inviting customers to church and Hands of Hope events. Many of our “Ladies Night Out” participants are our customers in The Hope Chest.

The warehouse is full of furniture “odds and ends” that we hope to be able to repair and/or assemble into some very nice useable furniture. Great Bridge UMC helped design the bed pictured below by creatively using parts to design this fantastic canopy bed.

We are very dedicated to sharing with the community. Very often newly released prisoners do not have anything to wear upon their release other than paper clothes. Through local contacts at the state and county prisons in Welch, we are able to furnish these men with a set of clothes and a pair of shoes when they leave prison. Recently we were able to assist a family that was referred through S.A.F.E. This family had fled their home with only the clothes on their backs due to domestic violence. The Hope Chest provided some clothing, furniture, diapers and food. The ladies that work in The Hope Chest gathered other household necessities from their own homes and families. It is hard to imagine starting over with absolutely nothing. We are so thankful that with your faithful support, we can share our blessings, especially in crises situations.

In Case You Missed It

Rev.Eric Lee and his family were contestants on Family Feud recently. It was quite entertaining, but the best part was when Eric was able to mention Hands of Hope Ministries. Since Steve Harvey was born in Welch, WV this created some conversation about our mission and our needs. You can view a clip of the show on The Hope Chest’s page on Facebook. Thanks Eric for not missing this opportunity. (Rev. Eric Lee serves on the Board of Directors as Vice-President of Hands of Hope.)

Join Us On FaceBook – Go to “Hope Chest” – look for address 145 McDowell St, Welch, WV to know you are on the right page. This is the page for Hands of Hope and The Hope Chest.