New Location of Hope Chest

In 2022, The Hope Chest will be moving to a new location, a 7200 square foot facility in downtown Welch, WV.

Why is The Hope Chest moving to another building?

Executive Director Crystal Green and her husband Jeff Adkins work daily and tirelessly to prepare the new Hope Chest store for the 2022 opening.

The Hands of Hope Ministries has found that there is greater need for a bigger store in Welch, West Virginia, which is the county seat of McDowell County. With the only department store, The Hope Chest, a large thrift store, within a two (2) hour radius of Welch, the residents are seeking more consumer goods like furniture, house hold products, clothes, and personal items even more and in more quantities. New address will be 81 McDowell Street, Welch, WV.

This new store will enable The Hope Chest to merchandise and sell more products. With more space in the backroom of the new Hope Chest, volunteers and staff will be able to process more donations at a faster rate and will be able to sell the donated items more quickly to customers. For local residents, The Hope Chest’s new location is at the old Murphy’s store in downtown Welch.

As each mission team volunteers at Hands of Hope Ministries, together with staff, the new Hope Chest becomes more fully-renovated. It is expected to be completed sometime in early 2022.

The new building also has a professional loading dock for tracker trailers that will easily handle deliveries, bring in the donations more effectively and, when the move is complete, will end the blocked traffic on McDowell Street as when the older store received donations and merchandise. The new store will also have a public bathroom and a staff room. The Hope Chest will be able to use its large block-long display windows to promote seasonal sales and attract window shoppers as well.