We accept donations of items listed below and financial support. We ask that all items be clean and in good condition. All donations need to  be in boxes as it is difficult to  transport items in garbage bags. If possible we ask  that donations be delivered and unloaded in West Virginia. Due to rising gas costs, we welcome any donations to help with transportation. Hands of Hope is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization  and an acknowledgement will be sent to you for any financial gift. If you desire a receipt for other  items donated, please send an itemized accounting to address below and a receipt will be mailed to you. For more information, please contact The Hope Chest at 304-436-4001.

Hands of Hope Ministries, Inc. , P. O. Box 962, Welch, WV  24801

Clothing Donations

Please sort clothing and label boxes according to gender and size. If possible we ask  that donations be delivered and unloaded in West Virginia. We accept good used clothing and shoes.

Food Donations

Hands of Hope purchases the food items listed below  at discounted prices that are included in the Food Boxes. We prefer donations be coordinated through Hands of Hope and the  local area grocery store since all Food Boxes need to be consistent and these sizes will fit in the standard Food Box. Items included in the Food Boxes are:

Corn  – 15 ounce cans (2 )

Green Beans – 15 ounce cans (2 )

Pinto Beans – 16 ounce bags (2)

Macaroni and Cheese – 7 ounce box (2)

Tomato Soup – 12 ounce can (1)

Saltines – large box (1)

Ramen Noodles – 4 ounce packs (8 pks)

Cereals – 12-14 ounce bag or box (1)

Vienna Sausage – small can (2)

Jiffy Cornbread Mix – box (2)

Fruit Cup – 4 pack – (1 pk)

Pudding Cup – 4 pack – (1 pk)

These are the items that have been proven to be accepted. Other foods that are not commonly accepted tend to be thrown away by the recipients. Special items are added for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Household Items

Small Appliances – new or good used – toasters, mixers, coffeepots, etc

Large Used Appliances – must be working and clean – no gas, electric only

Good Used Furniture

Lamps, Framed Pictures, Mirrors

Bed Linens – sheets, blankets, spreads, pillows

Towels – kitchen and bath

Pots and Pans

Dishes, Flatware, Glasses

Hygiene Items

Hair Products – shampoo, conditioner – 12 to 16 ounce only



Combs and Brushes

Shaving Cream and Razors

School Supplies Needs List

Each year Hands of Hope distributes school supplies to children and to schools in McDowell County.

Below are items that are needed:

Notebook Paper

Composition Books

Report Folders

Pencils and Pens

Markers and Crayons